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Lots of new things!

Glam Affair has had some gorgeous new releases over the past two months! So many pretty new faces to choose from you simply must try them all!


Cassia is available in 8 different makeups, several tones, and also includes 8 different brow colors plus a no brow version.


Oakley is available in 2 skintones, 12 unique makeups, and 6 different brown options. I love how unique the eyes and lip shapes are on Oakley!



Kallisto is available at the current round of Collabor88. And is available in 2 different skintones, 8 different makeups, 8 brow colors and a no brow option.


Rose is the latest release from Glam Affair. It’s very youthful and pretty! It is available in 12 unique makeups, 8 brow tones including a no brow options, and it also includes 8 brow layer tattoos in 6 shades.

There have also been tons of amazing new hair releases and Hair Fair is also open!

Truth - Xantheanne, Devina, Tom, Dasia, Blythe, Honey & Hope


Little Bones -Hair Fair - Glow,  Hair Fair - The Bay  , Hair Fair - Rabbit Heart

Hair Fair - Pavillion,  Project Limited – Lose Count

Chapter Four -  Year in Lists, The Secret Affair - Baptism, Hair Fair - Breathe

Little Bones -Crystallized , Chapter Four -  Ultraviolence,  Little Bones - Timebomb


Alice Project@Hair Fair - Sileny, National Anthem, National Anthem II, Adore, Airedine, Carmen, Born to Die

Milk Hair:  Fameshed - Belladonna, Hair Fair -Santana,  Chapter Four - Radio, Hair Fair - Winx, Hair Fair - Pretty Girl, Seasons Story - Daisy Dukes, Hair Fair - You’re Cool & Fuzz, Project Limited – The Top Knot

Atomic@Hair Fair - Darling, Oh Honey, Cute PoPo


Ploom@Hair Fair - Honey, Carrie, OMGatcha - Inge , @The Fantasy Collective - Peach, Ploom - Boomer, Hair Fair - Plasma, KOY@Hair Fair - Lana, Dormer, & Mathilda


Reign - Darling & Wednesdays


Reign - Livi Wedges


Reign - Empress Sandals


Reign - Cape Wedges


Reign - Alloy Heels Story - Rebecca Wedges - Laura Heels - Kokomo Sandals

Minuet at Limited 50 July

I have two new dresses for toddleedoo’s available for Limited 50, they’re selling quickly so get yours while you still can! Check out this awesome event here Happy Shopping <3

Our Home

The very lovely and talented, Elvi Harley of  The Imperfect Avatar photographed our old house before we moved and I’ve been meaning to post them for awhile.




Home:  Roost - New Port Large house


Lockers:  Second Spaces - City Pool storage lockers – full set

Tailgating Set :   Second Spaces 

Cart:  Second Spaces - Poolside beverage cart

Picnic table:  Cheeky Pea - Cassie Picnic Table

Grill:  Cheeky Pea - Cassie Grill

BBQ:  Roost - New Port BBQ with Wall for Large house

Lights:   Trompe Loeil - Valiano String Lights

Table:  Trompe Loeil - Valiano Bistro Table Copper Top C

Chair:  Trompe Loeil - Valiano Bistro Chair Copper F

Champagne:  [ keke ] - champagne bublissimo – clear

Glasses:   [ keke ] -  champagne glass – flute

Candles:  { what next } -  Pair of Candles

Tub: [ keke ] -   champagne bublissimo galore RARE




Cabinets:  Dutchie - complete kitchen cabinets

Stove:  Dutchie - mesh cooker

Island:  Dutchie -  kitchen island pg

Refrigerator:  Dutchie - 1930′s refrigerator

Apples:  Apple Fall - Apple Line

Island:  Second Spaces - Marie Refurb Kitchen Island

Egg sign:    floorplan-   farm fresh eggs

Shelves:  Tres Blah - Kitchen Basics – Shelf (Green)

Canisters:  Tres Blah -  Cookie Jars (Blue)

Bowls:  Tres Blah - Kitchen Basics – Bowls

Scale 1:    floorplan-   vintage kitchen scale w/ apples

Scale 2:  Tres Blah -  Kitchen Basics – Scale (Black)

Eggs:  {Surf Co. HOME} Hand-Painted Bowl of Eggs – Green

Apple bowl:    floorplan-  bowl of apples

Bakeware: Tres Blah - Kitchen Basics – Bakeware

Spoons:  Pixel Mode - THB – Wooden Spoons

Table:  Trompe Loeil - Valiano Bistro Table Copper Top B

Chair:  Trompe Loeil - Valiano Bistro Chair Copper F

Tray:  Dutchie - Dutchie tray with black coffee (home/large inside)

Flowers :  The Secret Store -  Wild Flowers – Big Vase of Daffodils – RARE

Shelf:  Cheeky Pea - Roux Coffee Shelf

Coffee station:  Cheeky Pea - Roux Coffee Station

Living Room:  

Fireplace:  Scarlet Creative - NevaFireplace ( part of Neva’s Captain House)

Slats:  floorplan- eiffel slats

Wheel:  Junk -repurposed wheel light. iron.

Plant:  Apple Fall -   Potted Plant (Exotic)

Radio:  Tres Blah -  Spring Living – Radio (Beige)

Frame: llorisen - paint splattered old frame.full rectangle alder (art not included)

Clock:  One Grid - Clock Brillie Corner

Plant:  Scarlet Creative -  Mountain Love Plant in Pot

Books:   Lark - Imaginarium Librarium Windows

Candles:  Junk -  candle bucket. white.

Books:  . a i s l i n g . -  Bric-a-Brac Desk -Books-

Fireplace stand:  Alouette - Bailey FIreplace Tools

Papers:   Pilot - Rolled Paper Rack

Frame:  Apple Fall -  New Arrival Painting

Blinds: LISP Bazaar - Mesh Blinds Wide Long – Teak

Sideboard:  Apple Fall - Fleur Sideboard (Grey)

Boat: Apple Fall -  Harry’s Boat

Bookstack:  O.M.E.N -  Dear John – Diaries & Love Letters

Radio:  O.M.E.N -   Dear John – Old Radio

Hatbox:  Apple Fall -  Hat Box

Poppies:  Apple Fall -  Preserved Poppies

Cabinet:  Junk - morrison locker cabinet.

Pillows:   Junk - morrison cushion pile.

Wine frame:  Collage - Keep Calm and Wine

Frames:  Bazar  - Bedroom canvas

Plant:  Apple Fall -   Potted Plant (Exotic)

Table:  Zigana - Table 234 . neutral dark

Dresser:  Pilot -  Miller Dresser

Lamp:  Pilot - Murrow Table DEUX [Lamp]

Diary:    O.M.E.N -   Dear John – Diaries & Love Letters

Rotary:   Second Spaces - ezra rotary

Canvas:  Pilot -  Miller Positive Words A to C

Frame:  Junk - morrison spanner frame.

Ladder:  oyasumi -  ladder light (dark) / unplugged

Couch: LISP Bazaar - Mesh – Charlotte Sofa – Nerd

Table:  Mudhoney - Eva Coffee Table

Tray:  The Loft - Lacquered Tray

Box:  The Loft - Tile Top Box

Plant: The Loft -Hydrangea

Remote:  The Loft - Remote Control

Book with glasses:  Zaara -   [home] : Chai assortment

Ashtray:  Second Spaces - ezra ashtray

Console:  The Loft - Mathis Console Walnut

Lamp: The Loft -  Wireframe Lamp White

Pillow crate: Mudhoney - Wheeled Pillow Crate

Logs:    Scarlet Creative -  Mountain Lodge Birch in Belts

Rugs:   Junk - rug.vintage

Cleaning supplies:  Second Spaces - Clean Sweep – the whole set as one object

Screen:  Trompe Loeil -  Ashdon Fabric Screen

Clock:   Alouette -Time With Family Clock – White

Birdcages: Cheeky Pea & Pilot -  Garden Party BirdCage 1 & 4

Magazine rack:  Mudhoney - Magazine Holder

Plant:  Dutchie - Schefflera tall

Bean bags:  We’re closed - bean bag 1 & 2

Dining Room:  

Chairs:  Trompe Loeil -  Louis Chair Face  & Louis Chair Map

Lamp:  Trompe Loeil -   Antique Floor Lamp with projection lighting

Cases: The Loft -Meid Casement White

Sideboard:  The Loft -Meid Sideboard White

Prints:  The Loft - Single White Flower – KARI TAYLOR

Drapes: The Loft - Mathis Drapery Beach

Wall hanging:  The Loft - Neiman Mirror Silver Birch

Table:  The Loft - Villa Casolare Round – Bleached Walnut

Chairs:  The Loft - Taylor Dining Chair Lattice/Orange

Rug:  The Loft - Jute Rug

Place settings:  The Loft - Casolare Place Setting

Shelf:  The Loft - Taylor Bleached Shelf

Lighting:   The Loft - Taylor Pendant Pewter


Couch:  LISP Bazaar -  Mesh – Silver Linings Sofa

Paneled art:  Second Spaces -Minouveau art cutouts – white

Art:  The Secret Store - Lush & Squeek

Table:    Second Spaces -shabby coffee table

Rugs:   Junk - rug.vintage

Roses:  Tres Blah - Spring Living – Roses RARE

Dolls:  Tres Blah -  Spring Living – Nesting Dolls

Tea and crumpets:  Tres Blah -  Tea Time – Tea and Crumpets RARE

Pantry:  Second Spaces -  Spaces rustic pantry – light natural

Table:  Second Spaces - craft room – table

Shelf: Dysfunctional Designs - Tailoring Shop – Knickknack Shelf

Paint:  Second Spaces - craft room – paints

Paper:  Second Spaces - craft room – papers

Stamps:  Second Spaces -  craft room – punches

Tape:  Second Spaces - craft room – washi tape

Boxes: Second Spaces - messy bookshelf – beige fileboxes

Chair:   Art Dummy -  sustain. (chair-ivory)

Rack:  Apple Fall - Canvas Rack (Painted)

Picture frames:  { what next } -   Anouk Picture Frames

Bench:   Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Storage Bench

Suitcase:   Tres Blah -  Bon Voyage – Stacked Treasures RARE

Pillows:  Tres Blah -  Spring Living – Love RARE

Shelf:  Second Spaces -messy bookshelf

Door:  Olive -  the Forget me Not Bedroom – Door Wall Lamp

Dog bed:  Half-Deer - Sleepy Italian Greyhound / Pillow  - Fawn

Blanket chest:  floorplan-  blanket storage crate

Suitcase:  Tres Blah - Bon Voyage – Memo Board (Traveled) 1

Frame:   Tres Blah - Bon Voyage – Memo Board (Traveled) 1

Map:  Seven Emporium - Map Screen

Dress form: Lark - Vintage Dress Form (1-dark)

Suitcase:  floorplan-  suitcase stack

Frame:   Tres Blah -Bon Voyage – Memo Board (Fashion) 1

Stool:  Olive - the Forget me Not Bedroom – Nightstand (Empty)

Birdcage:  Cheeky Pea - Ansel Bird Cage Candles

Screen:  Junk - toulon screen. cream.

Stool:  Olive - the Forget me Not Bedroom – Cushion Stool

Frame:   Tres Blah -  Bon Voyage – Memo Board (Traveled)

Books:   Apple Fall -  Reading Pile

Desk:   The Loft - Bacall Desk White

Chair:   The Loft - Bacall Chair  Landsend

Art:  The Secret Store - Stanislas

Roses:   The Loft - Bacall Bowl of Roses Yellow

Radio:  Standby - Radio

Statue:  Commoner - Award Statuette / Occupational (Best Blogger)

Laptop:  Apple Fall - iFall Notebook

Books:  Standby -  Books & Stuff

Lamp:  Standby

Newspaper:  Standby

Cords:  Second Spaces - geeky powerstrip with cords

Frame:   Tres Blah -Bon Voyage – Memo Board (French) 1

Bench:   Olive -the Forget me Not Bedroom – Dream Catcher Bench RARE

Roses:   The Loft - Bacall Bowl of Roses Coral

Candles:  { what next } -  Pair of Candles

Bedroom 1: 

Sideboard:  Apple Fall - Fleur Sideboard (Mustard)

Hatbox:  Apple Fall -  Hat Box

Flowers: Apple Fall -  Lilies

Birdcage:  Cheeky Pea - Ansel Bird Cage Candles

Entertainment center:   Alouette

Screen:  Junk - toulon screen. cream.

Rug:   Apple Fall - Ironwork Trellis Rug {Shade}

Trunk:   Apple Fall -Fashion Trunk (Beachwood)

Hatbox:  Apple Fall -  Hat Box

Flowers: Apple Fall -   Preserved Poppies

Books:  Apple Fall -  Tied Books

Bed:  Scarlet Creative - Nostaglia Bed Wood/Neutral

Lamps:   Bazar  - Bed lamp 

Table:   Bazar  - Night table left

Sign:  Seven Emporium - True Love Sign

Chalk board:   Bazar  -Bedroom motivation poster

Slats:  floorplan- eiffel slats

Dress form: Lark - Vintage Dress Form (1-dark)

Prints:  floorplan-  Dictionary prints

Bench:  Junk - pipe bench

Mirror:  The Loft  -  Neiman Mirror Silver Birch

Drapes:   The Loft  - Mathis Drapery Beach

Fireplace:  The Loft  -  Mathis Fireplace

Vases:  The Loft  -  Twisted Vase Silver Birch

Couches:  The Loft  -  Roxy Armless Sofa White

Consoles:  The Loft  -  Mathis Console Walnut

Table:  The Loft  -   Wagon Table Bleached

Potted plant:  Scarlet Creative - Mountain Love Plant in Pot

Lamps:  The Loft  -   Wireframe Lamp White

Rug: The Loft  -   Printed Jute Rug

Bowl:  The Loft  -  Pillow Holder Coast

Logs: Scarlet Creative -Mountain Lodge Birch in Belts

The Man Cave: 

Frame:  Apple Fall -  New Arrival Painting

Skull: Apple Fall -    Springbok Skull

Televison:  Cheeky Pea & Consignment -

Sconce:   Alouette - Rustic Wall Sconce (1LI – Mesh)

Bear:  Ispachi - The Arrival – The Bear and The Fox RARE

Rugs:   Junk - rug.vintage

Table:  The Loft  - Wagon Table Bleached

Bottle: Erratic -   home – whiskey

Film canisters:  floorplan- darkroom film rolls

Table:    Trompe Loeil -Cobble Hill Endtable

Skull:  Fanatik Home - Skull

Chaise:  Apple Fall -   Ram Chaise (Dark Chocolate)

Chair, ottoman, & corner piece:  Mudhoney

Lamp:  Apple Fall -  Edi’s Lamp (Wicker)

Consoles:  The Loft  -  Mathis Console Walnut

Boat: Apple Fall -  Harry’s Boat

Bookend:  Apple Fall -  Books w/ Deer Head Bookends

Lamp:  The Loft  –  Wireframe Lamp White

Foxes:     Ispachi -   The Arrival – Frolicking Foxes

Lights:  Seven Emporium - Hanging Bulb -Single

Sign:  Seven Emporium -  Route 66 Sign

Amp:  Standby -World Tour – Amp [Gold] (Rez) w/o Cord

Guitar:  Standby - World Tour – Electric Guitar [Flame] (for Rez)

Poster:  Seven Emporium -  Eye Chart Poster

Ducks:   Ispachi - The Arrival – March of the Mallards

Cigarette machine:  Seven Emporium -  Cigarette Machine

File cabinet:   Seven Emporium -  Tall File

Papers:   Pilot - Rolled Paper Rack

Flag:  Seven Emporium -  Flag – Union Jack

Desk:  LISP Bazaar -  Mesh – Jacob Desk – Coffee

Chair:  LISP Bazaar -  Mesh – Jacob Chair - Coffee

Carpet:  Apple Fall -  Natural Weave Circular Rug (Grey)

Lamp:  Pilot - Murrow Table DEUX [Lamp]

Shelf:   Apple Fall - Carved Corbel Shelf

Books:  Apple Fall

Skull:  Fanatik Home - Skull

Trunk:   Apple Fall -Fashion Trunk (Beachwood)

Bunnies:  Ispachi - The Arrival – Hare King of The Stump

Bar:   Standby -  Globe Bar (Classic)

Television:  Eleventh Hour - “The Tube” Beer Tap – Weissbier

Gun cabinet:  End of Daze - Hunting Lodge Decor

Gun rack:  Culprit - Gun Cabinet

Stool:   The Loft  –  Barrel stool

Deer:  End of Daze - Hunting Lodge Decor Deer wall

Candles:  Dysfunctional Designs - Branch Candelabra (Table)

Skull: Apple Fall -    Springbok Skull

Side board:  Scarlet Creative -Mountain Lodge Side Board

Noel’s Bedroom:

Map:  Seven Emporium - Map Screen

Poster:  floorplan- vintage travel poster

File cabinet:   Seven Emporium -  Tall File

Dress form: Lark - Vintage Dress Form (1-dark)S

Shutter:   Sari-Sari - Shutter Pinboard

Desk:  Alouette - Bernadette Desk – Green

Computer:   Apple Fall - iFall

Kleenex:  Half-Deer - Cuddly Tissue Box – Heart

Frame:   Sari-Sari - Frame with Mail

Suitcase:  floorplan-suitcase stack

Shelf:  Alouette - Repurposed Crate Shelf

Poster:  floorplan- vintage travel poster

Dog:   Half-Deer - Sleepy Italian Greyhound / Pillow  - Fawn

Bowl:  Half-Deer - Dog Bowl

Treats:  Half-Deer -  Dog Treat Jar

Door:  Seven Emporium - Heart Painted Door

Spools:  MishMish - Spool Stool (Lemon & Mint)

Bed:  Trompe Loeil - Cabinet Bed Morning Light Fabrics

Baskets:  ILO - Weave Basket / CLOSE & OPEN

Mobile:  Lark -Sweet Dreams – Pastel (loop string)

Frame:  floorplan-  board marquee modded with texture from  Minuet - Personalized Art – Noel

Wagon:   Seven Emporium -  Little Red Wagon

Typewriter:  floorplan-  typewriter gacha / white

Frames: Tres Blah -  Bon Voyage – Memo Board (Traveled) & Bon Voyage – Memo Board (Fashion)

Heart:  Tres Blah - Spring Living – Wired Heart (Black)

Screen:  Junk - toulon screen. cream.

Poster:  Seven Emporium -  Eye Chart Poster

Record player: floorplan-  record player / red

Framed art:  Lark - Sweet Dreams – Framed Artwork

Rug:  The Loft  – Jute rug

Suitcase:   vespertine -machinarium suitcase/orange peel}

Trees: Second Spaces tabletop forest – fall

Cabinet:   floorplan-  valena cubby

Panda lamp:  Lark -Sweet Dreams – Panda Lamp

Jewelry box:  MishMish - Nostalgia Jewelry Box – Eggshell

Bookends: floorplan-   birdcage bookends

Whales:  Little Closet - Aiden’s Whale Toy (Past Limited 50 item – NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Piggybank:   Sway’s - Piggy Bank [Oink] white – A

Slats:  floorplan- eiffel slats

Bench:  Junk - pipe bench

Suitcase:  Tres Blah Bon Voyage – Stacked Suitcases

Prints:  floorplan-  Dictionary prints

Books:  floorplan-  where the sidewalk ends, the philosopher’s stone novel, & a light in the attic

Rug 1:    Mudhoney  – Laura Rug

Rug 2: Zaara - [home] : Ikat dhurrie rug *indigo*

Lights:   Trompe Loeil -Jar Chandelier

Minuet at Fiction & Fables July

The July round of Fiction & Fables is open and I have more new items available! The ruffly Kate top in two different patterns for both kids & babies and a mellow summer wall art gatcha in shades of peach, greens, and browns. Check it out here Fiction & Fables

Minuet at The Family Flea Market the June Round

The Family Flea Market is open and there are new items available from my store, including shorts in denim and pastel washes, pullovers, and an outfit in several different colors. Check it out here!

Minuet at CHK Shopping Headquaters



It’s that time of year again, CAMP TIME! Many of you kid avies might be attending summer camp and I’ve released some new items. Everything is of course perfectly suitable for those not attending as well! Swimsuits, bikinis, pullovers, pajamas that can be worn as such or as a regular outfit, and more personalized wall art. Check it out here: CHK Shopping Headquarters

The weather is hot and girls are dressin’ less

Summer Fest is now open! If you haven’t heard all of the buzz leading up to this amazing event then you must know that some of SL’s most talented creators are taking part bringing you the latest and greatest in summer fun, beach wear, and items to update your avatar this summer season.

This is  the first of hopefully many posts to show you some of the goodies you can pick up there! Including Boom’s absolutely adorable bikinis that also include an unrigged version of both the top and bottoms. Aranal shows love for the ladies who wear Lola’s out there, including myself, with a bit of resizing the top fit really well over mine. I’ve also found that the rigged bottoms fit perfectly of Luck Inc’s Cute Azz.

Ohmai, always on point with the cuteness, has created several adorable mesh animals including this hedgehog in a coconut. There are wearable and rezable versions and many different styles and colors to buy. If you’re ready to cool off in the pool this summer head on over to Exposeur’s booth and play the flip-flop lounger gatcha, 11 to collect in all and comes with several different poses. has these adorable Kokomo Sandals available, in many colors, perfect for those casual summer outfits, dress up, or even lounging in the pool. And last but certainly not least, is Glam Affair’s Cassia skintones that are available at Summer Fest. Available in 3 skin tones, 8 different makeups, and 20 lipsticks.


Skin:  Glam Affair@Summer Fest- –   Cassia – America – 08 F

Eyes:  Egozy - Eyes (Brown).Light

Hair:  [MAG] Hair - LONDON [essentials]

Swimsuit:  R3VOLT - Brienne Swimsuit [V3]

Shoes:  Blah - My Extreme Wooden Wedge – Black

Garter:  Muka - Garter Love


Skin:Glam Affair@Summer Fest-   Cassia – America – 02

Eyes:  Egozy - Eyes (Brown).Light

Hair:  Ploom - Splayed – Ploomage

Bikini:  BOOM@Summer Fest- Ariara Bikini Top & Bottom (taffy)

Shoes: Fest-  Kokomo.Sandals (Bubblegum)

Necklace:  . a i s l i n g . -  Saku Necklace – White

Belly Jewel:   . a i s l i n g . -  Saku BellyJewel -White-

Hedgehog:  Ohmai@Summer Fest- Coco Buddy Hedgehog A (Hold) [Champagne]

Float:  Exposeur@Summer Fest- Flip Flop Lounger





Passed on in the dream world

Glam Affair has released another stunning face to their line up, called Cassia. Cassia is available at the event There are 8 different makeups available, as well as 10 different lipsticks. I had the pleasure today of getting to blog with Elvi Hartley & Primrose Snowfield.

Two absolutely lovely ladies and talented bloggers. All three of us are wearing Cassia and one of the things I absolutely adore about Glam Affair skins is their versatility. And Cassia is no expection and suits all of our shapes beautifully! To see what Elvi and Primrose are wearing, please check out their respective blogs above! Happy shopping ♥

Skin:  Glam  - Cassia – Artic – 04 E

Brows:  Buzzeri@Kustom 9 - Amelia Eyebrow – Firey

Eyes:  Egozy - Eyes (Brown).Light

Hair:  Truth- Honey – Gingers

Dress:  Peqe@Fit For A Princess - Dominance – Sand

Belt: Rochambeau -  Tharkun Belt

Sandals: Noodles@The Fantasy Collective - Astrid Sandals Fatpack

Shield:  Noodles@The Fantasy Collective -  Eric Shield Black [Sheath]

Headdress:    A i s l i n g @Tales of Fantasy - Eunice Headdress Black

Chest Piece:   A i s l i n g @Tales of Fantasy - Eunice Chest Piece Black

Arms:  A i s l i n g @Tales of Fantasy - Eunice Arms Black

Bracelets:  A i s l i n g @Tales of Fantasy - Eunice Bracelets Black

Hands:  A i s l i n g @Tales of Fantasy - Eunice Hands Black

Staff:  A i s l i n g @ We <3 RP - Enzeld Silver


Skin:  Glam  - Cassia – Artic – 06 NB

Brows:  Buzzeri@Kustom 9 - Amelia Eyebrow – Firey

Eyes:  Egozy - Eyes (Brown).Light

Hair:   Magika –Serene

Jacket:  Cynful - Cropped Denim Jacket – Blue

Top:  Sn@tch -  Erica Tie Dye Coverup (Blue)

Leggings:  Cynful - High Waisted Leggings – White

Shoes:  Reign@Hello Sunshine - Liberty Wedges- (HIGH)- White

Necklace:  Cae@Level Up - Flame – Necklace

Headpiece:  Keystone@The Fantasy Collective - Triskele Circlet – Aged Gold

Pose:  Marukin@Collabor88




Skin:  Glam  - Cassia – Artic – 06 NB

Brows:  Buzzeri@Kustom 9 - Amelia Eyebrow – Firey

Eyes:  Egozy - Eyes (Brown).Light

Hair:  Tableau Vivant@The Fantasy Collective - Lindgren Hair – Equinox

Swimsuit & cover up:  VinCue@Hello Sunshine - Cruchy+Swim+Cov – Raven

Shoes:  Reign@Hello Sunshine - Liberty Wedges- (HIGH)- Aztec

Necklace:  Atomic@Hello Sunshine - Double Scoop Necklace

Ring:  Atomic@Hello Sunshine - Double Scoop Ring

Sunglasses:  VinCue -  Flowey+Glasses – Light

Bag:  Aitui@The Arcade -Beach Bag – Sandy Beach

Pose:  Marukin@Collabor88



Shower:  Kuro@The Garden - Spring shower blue

Chairs: Mudhoney@The Garden - Ava Beach Chair – white

Ottoman:  Mudhoney@The Garden - Ava Beach Ottoman – white

Umbrella:  Mudhoney@The Garden -Ava Umbrella – cream


Falling in between

Skin:  Glam Affair@Collabor88 -Summer skin – Artic 06 NB

Brows:  Buzzeri@Kustom 9 - Amelia Eyebrow – Firey

Eyes:  Egozy - Eyes (Brown).Light

Hair:  Milk@The Boutique - Bali Bali – Reds 2

Top: The Secret Store@Collabor88 - Sailor Corset – Milk

Skirt:  Tee*fy@Collabor88 - Layla Wrapped  Skirt   Dreams

Shoes:   Whatever - Lithium – white [GOLD]

Ears:   A i s l i n g@The Arcade -  Ears – PreciousFox – RARE

Headpiece:  A i s l i n g@The Arcade - String-  PreciousFox – RARE

Arms:  A i s l i n g @Tales of Fantasy - Eunice Arms Gold

Bracelets:  A i s l i n g @Tales of Fantasy - Eunice Bracelets Gold

Hands:  A i s l i n g @Tales of Fantasy - Eunice Hands Gold

Cuff:  Wimey@Tales of Fantasy - Calliope Cuff

Belt:   Wimey@Tales of Fantasy - Urania Stomach Jewelry

Necklace:  Luminary@Tales of Fantasy - Hart Tree Necklace – Gold

Bird: Half Deer@The Garden -  Tropical Bird – Bali Starling (Leaning)

Poses:  Elephante Poses@Tales of Fantasy - Goddess of Love

So for now your voice can stay

On Lauren:  

Skin:  Glam Affair@Collabor88 -Summer skin – Artic 08 NB

Brows:  Buzzeri@Kustom 9 - Amelia Eyebrow – Firey

Eyes:  Egozy - Eyes (Brown).Light

Hair:  Spellbound@The Boutique - Indigo +Flower // Reds

Top 1:  VinCue@The Big Show - ~ Strippy+Tank+Shirt – Mixed 3

Top 2:  coldLogic - top – cates.melon

Shorts:  coldLogic -  shorts – kloss.indigo

Shoes: -  Wayfaring.Sandals (Vintage)

Necklace 1:  Glam Affair@Collabor88 - Rope Embellished Necklace

Necklace 2:  Atomic@Hello Sunshine -


On Elly:

Skin:  Mother Goose - Alison_01

Eyes: Ikon-  Ardent Eyes – Hazel (XS)

Hair:  Magika – Reading

Top: Minuet@Limited 50 - Abby Apple Ruffle Top – Baby

Shorts:  Minuet - Belted Shorts – White – Baby

Shoes:  Noodles@Collabor88 -

Beanie:  Snips & Snails - Slouch Beanie Pink


Pose:  Imperfect - My Girl



Pier:  8f8@The Garden - Bali – PIER

Pavillion:  8f8@The Garden - Bali – PAVILION

Umbrella:  8f8@The Garden -  Bali – PARASOL

Lounger:  8f8@The Garden - Bali – LOUNGE Bed Elevated

Table:  22769@The Garden -  Bali Rattan Couch Table (plain)

Offerings:  8f8@The Garden -  Bali – OFFERINGS Basket

Jewelry box:  A i s l i n g -  Arica Jewelbox

Table:  8f8@The Garden - Bali – TABLE

Bamboo:  8f8@The Garden -  Bali – BAMBOO

Fountain:   22769@The Garden -   - Bali Lotus Fountain

Loveseat:   8f8@The Garden - Bali – LOVE Seat

Cushions:  Sway@The Garden -  [Pantai] floor cushion A & B



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