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Tell me what you see

Skin:  Glam Affair @ Kawaii Project -

Eyes:  Buzzeri - Bewitched Eyes – Chocolate

Hair:  Little Bones @ The Secret Affair - Snow Spell I – Reds

Dress:  MishMish @ Kawaii Project -

Boots: - Maggie.Boots (Dust)

Socks:  Izzie’s - Lace Overknees

Scarf: Izzie’s @ The Liaison Collaborative –  Infinity Scarf (plain) – taupe

Bag:  Reign @ Kawaii Project - Totes Cute Kitty Tote- White (POSE)

Crown:  Liquence - Flower Crown

Poses:  EverGlow @ The Liaison Collaborative –  Comfy Poses

Dust Bunny Hill Top Cottage

House:  Dust Bunny @ Fameshed – Hill Top Cottage



Living Room

Fireplace: Apple Fall -  Chateau Fire

Barrel light:  [ht:home]@The Liaison Collaborative –  barrel lamp

Frames: Cheeky Pea@TMD – Modded from Reston Fireplace

Potted plant:  Kalopsia - Desert Floor Plant (White)

Coat rack: What Next -  Cedar Log Hatstand

Plant:  Apple Fall @ Chapter 4 - Reaching Plant

Fireplace tools & wood: Alouette - Bailey FIreplace Tools – Part of Bailey Fireplace

Chairs:  Theosophy - Garvagh II Stool (Frost)

Mirror:  Brixley @ The Liaison Collaborative – Rustic Frame – mirror

Table: Brixley @ The Liaison Collaborative – Farmhouse Table II – dark

Basket:  What Next @ The Liaison Collaborative – Winter Harvest Jam Tarts

Thermos tray:   What Next @ The Liaison Collaborative – Winter Harvest Drinks Tray

Lantern:   What Next @ The Liaison Collaborative – Winter Harvest Lantern – Small

Tray & Pot:  What Next @ The Liaison Collaborative –  Winter Harvest Soup Tray

Chair:  Scarlet Creative - Lucky 8 Armchair

Pillow:  Kalopsia - Red Nordic Pillow

Clock & table:  Alouette @ The Liaison Collaborative – Autumn Entryway Set

Book cart:  Floorplan - librarian cart / rusted

Book shelf:  Zigana - bookshelves . dark

Sled on wall:  Cheeky Pea @ Kustom9 - Sledging Shelf

Frames:  Alouette -  Christmas Tree Silouette Frames (part of Bailey fireplace)

Jar:  Minuet @ Woodland Treasures Gatcha - Shabby Little Jar – Brown

Snowflake:  Alouette - Wooden Slowflake – No Wire

Cans:  Cheeky Pea @ Kustom9 - Joy Can-dles

Plant:  Dutchie -  Philodendron yearlings

Candle:  Cheeky Pea @ Kustom9 - Town Hall Candle

Bell: Cheeky Pea @ Kustom9 - Believe Silver Bell

Tree:  Kalopsia - Pillow Tree (Christmas)

Scratching Post:  Half Deer @ Chapter 4 -Cat Clutter – Scratching Post – Neutral

Cat Toys:   Half Deer @ Chapter 4 -Cat Clutter – Toys Toys Toys – Neutral

Pillow: Kalopsia - Tan Buttoned Pillow

Cat: Fashionably Dead - Cat – 02 Sleeping Curled

Food bowl:   Half Deer @ Chapter 4 -Cat Clutter – Bowl of Kibble – Neutral





Cabinet:  Apple Fall @ Chapter 4 - Stockholm Entry Cabinet RARE

Sink: Trompe Loeil @ Fameshed – Antique Kitchen Sink

Crate shelf:  Trompe Loeil @ Fameshed – Antique Crate Decor

Egg sign: Floorplan -  farm fresh eggs

Dried flowers:  Izzie’s - Dried Flowers Board 1

Stove:  Trompe Loeil @ Fameshed –  Antique Wood Cookstove Ivory

Eggs: Culprit - Oeffes Cabinets Tatty Planks

Tart:  *KOPI* - Fruits Tarte

Dutch oven:  Post - Dutch Oven ~ Red

Tins:  Lark -  Baking Tins

Icebox:  Trompe Loeil @ Fameshed –  Antique Icebox Ivory w/crate

Empty crates:  Floorplan - 3 empty crates / pumpkin ale

Ale crate:  Floorplan -  crate of pumpkin ale

Soda crate:  Floorplan -  soda crate stack

Island:  Trompe Loeil @ Fameshed –   Antique Kitchen Island

Food:  Cheeky Pea - Dipper Bar Food

Rug: The Loft - Linen Trim Rug Beige

Baking rack:  Second Spaces - industrial baker’s rack

Racks:  *KOPI* - Spice Bottle A & B and Pasta Bottle A & B

Frame:  Brixley @ The Liaison Collaborative – Rustic Frame – thankful

Wreath: Hanaya - White Berry Wreath

Table:  Scarlet Creative -Rustic Lace Table

Canisters:  Floorplan -  baking canisters / white

Tins:  Second Spaces - Ready to Bake – baking pans

Pots:  Apple Fall @ Chapter 4 -  Copper Pan Set

Cake:  Apple Fall @ Chapter 4 - Fall Harvest Cake

Bowls:  Apple Fall @ Chapter 4 -   Mixing Bowl Set

Flour:  Apple Fall @ Chapter 4 - Bags of Flour

Baking sheet:  Pixel Mode -  THB – Stacked Baking Pans




Crates:  Floorplan - apple crate stack seat

Books:  Floorplan - leaning book stack

Frame:   Brixley @ The Liaison Collaborative –   Rustic Frame – snowflakes

Fireplace:  Floorplan - slat fireplace / monotone

Washing board: Floorplan -  washboard

Rug:  Apple Fall - Fiber Rug

Curtains:  The Loft - Bennet Drapes White

Postcards:  Floorplan - postcard collection / hipster

Pillows:  Second Spaces - Riviera pillows – whites

Boots: The Secret Store @ Collabor88 - Flamel Boots – Chocolate

Record player:  Vespertine - record player/walnut

Wine bottles:  Tarte - wine light (large & small)

Pallet wall:  Floorplan @ Xiasumi School Festival -

Pillow pile: @ Xiasumi School Festival -

Bed:  Floorplan & Willow @ Collabor88 -  lazy lounger / grey

Rug:  We’re Closed -  linen rug neutral

Crate: Floorplan - apple crate stack seat

Clock: Floorplan @ Kawaii Project - bunny clock / white

Astrology chart:   Floorplan & Willow @ Collabor88 -   astrology chart chalkboard

Candles:  Atooly - Cluttered Candles – Cream Black

Book pile: Floorplan & Willow @ Collabor88 -    apothecary books


Minuet at Limited 50 November

Available tonight at midnight SLT for Limited 50  here !

I know the spark inside your eyes


One of SL’s newest events, the Kawaii Project opens tomorrow on the 15th! Kawaii Project brings you all things cute and kawaii in one great venue. A culmination of some of SL’s most well known stores have many adorable items for your shopping pleasure.

Just a couple of the great items you can find at Kawaii Project are  Glam Affair’s Kawaii Patisserie Corner, which includes the most adorable baked goodies, drinks, and storage boxes. Atomic has these adorable little toast pals, which include a holdable and a display version. Toast Pals are available in two different versions, buttered and french. Amala has several jewelry items available, including the cute kitty face necklace I’m wearing. Two more adorable decor items you can find are Intrigue Co’s Kawaii K-9s, super cute little bobblehead chihuahuas, and Floorplan’s bunny clocks.

All of these decor items pair perfectly with Glam Affair’s Homework Corner Set at Xiasumi School Festival. There are 14 items to collect to complete the full set. Also available at the festival are’s canvases, a perfect accent to any room.


Skin:  Glam Affiar @ Uber - Lauren skin – Asia 06 F

Eyes:  Buzzeri - Bewitched Eyes – Chocolate

Hair:  Little Bones@Uber –  Brittle – Fringe no.1

Top: Milk Motion –  pin up angora sweater – pink

Skirt:  VinCue@Kustom9 – Fally+Skirt – Thistle

Stockings:  Canniblle @ Cirque de Seraphim  -  Micronet Stockings White

Heels: – Betty.Janes – Cocoa

Garters:  BOOM –  Noony Garter - blush/sugar

Leg Band: Muka  – Garter Love

Necklace: Amala @ Kawaii Project –  The Kitten Necklace – silver (coming soon)

Fur & necklaces:  COCO - FurTippet&Pearls(White)_DarkBrownFur

Bow:  Spellbound - Adored Bow

Poses: Exposeur @ Kawaii Project – Adorably Awkward



Canvases: School Festival - Be Canvases

Homework Corner Set:  Glam Affair@Xiasumi School Festival - Pouff, pillows, lamp, school books, box shelf, antlers shelf, dots mousepad, cat tea mug, desk, bunny slippers & rug, fabric basket, pots.

Bunny Clock:  Floorplan@ Kawaii Project – bunny clock / white  (coming soon)

Chihuahua:  Intrigue Co @ Kawaii Project  - Kawaii K-9s: Bambi (coming soon)

Toast:  Atomic @ Kawaii Project – {Toast Pal} French Toast – Display French Toast (coming soon)

Mug:  Glam Affair @ Kawaii Project - Hot Chocolate

Plate of cookies:  Glam Affair @ Kawaii Project –  Kawaii Patisserie Corner

Boxes:  Glam Affair @ Kawaii Project - Cake Boxes


Then fall apart in parts


Glam Affair has two gorgeous faces available, Lauren and Skye. Both skins are a new release for Collabor88 in 8 different makeups and many brow options. There are also macabre versions of the Lauren skins available at Uber!

Lauren at Collabor88


Skye at Collabor88


Lauren at  Uber

Look 1:

Skin:  Glam Affair@Collabor88 - Lauren – Europa 05 NB

Eyes:  Buzzeri - Bewitched Eyes – Chocolate

Brows: Buzzeri - Cara Eyebrow – Firey Red

Hair:  Catwa - Silky – Puffy – A

Top 1:  The Secret Store -  Scallop Sweater – Mint/Lace

Top 2:  Emery@Fameshed –  Denim Shirt Bosworth Faded Blue

Skirt:  Coquet@TDRF –  Lacey White

Socks:  Izzie’s - Lace Overknee’s – Mustard

Boots: - Maggie.Boots (Sienna)

Scarf:  So Many Styles@TDRF  - Wool Scarf Mint

Belt:  [BUKKA]Double Ring Belt

Watch: Deadwool @ The Chapter 4 - Fermo watch – female – teal quadrant – RARE

Bracelet 1:  Deadwool @ The Chapter 4 -  Fermo watch – leaves bracelet

Bracelet 2:  Deadwool @ The Chapter 4 -  Fermo watch – pearl bracelet

Poses:  Marukin@Collabor88 - Peony


Look 2: 

Skin:  Glam Affiar @ Uber - Lauren skin – Asia 06 F

Eyes:  Buzzeri - Bewitched Eyes – Chocolate

Hair:  Little Bones@Collabor88 - Oracle

Top:  Atomic@Collabor88 - Modern Kimono – Set 1

Skirt:  Skirt:  Miseria – Holly Pearl – Pure

Socks:  Izzie’s - Lace Overknee’s – White

Shoes:  Blah @ The Big Show - ( My Petit Frill Boots ) Black

Necklace:   Zaara –  Atiriya stone necklace (chest) *onyx-silver*

Bracelet 1:  Deadwool @ The Chapter 4 -  Fermo watch – leaves bracelet

Bracelet 2:  Deadwool @ The Chapter 4 -  Fermo watch – pearl bracelet

Pose:  Imeka - Mel


Lightning in my bones

Skin:  Glam Affair@Uber –  Lauren skin – Asia 06 NB

Eyes:  Buzzeri@Kustom9 – Bewitched Eyes – Chocolate

Brows:  Buzzeri@Cosmetic Fair- Cara Eyebrow – Firey Red

Hair:   Truth – Feronia – Gingers

Top:  Emery@Fameshed –  Denim Shirt Bosworth Faded Blue

Dress: Emery@Fameshed –  Toi Dress Latte

Pants: coldLogic – pants – hoyt.cream

Socks:  Maitreya – Dahlia Socks – Bistre

Boots:  Reign@Sad November - Kenzy Boots- Cocoa

Scarf:  Snips & Snails –  Soopascarf 01 – Beige

Necklace:  LaGyo@Fameshed –  Hamsa necklace Silver

Earrings: LaGyo@Fameshed –  Hamsa earrings  - Silver

Bracelet 1:  Haste@Erotigatcha - Collared Bracelet Brown

Bracelet 2:  Eclat – Bracelet /Silver

Poses:  [tea.s] – Never met you & hesitant



Ice machine:  Seven Emporium - Ice Machine

Chair:  Alouette@Fit For A Princess –  Autumn Princess’s Throne

Candles:  Cheeky Pea@Fameshed –  Virginia Candles

Pumpkin:  Little Closet for the Terrorific Hunt - pumpkin cats

Crates:  Revival@Fameshed – Beer crates 1, 2, 3, & 4

Lights:  Pilot – Railroad Tie Chandelier

Bar sign:  Revival@Fameshed –  bar light

Market sign:  Revival@Fameshed – Public Market Sign  (group gift)

License plates:   Apple Fall -  (past LTD group gift)

Route 66 sign:  Seven Emporium - Route 66 Sign (7 Group Gift)

Beer sign:  Seven Emporium - Cold Beer

Burger:  Ispachi –  Love to Decorate Group Gift (Burger Meal)

Candles:  Dysfunctional Designs –  Branch Candelabra (Table)

Nachos: Fennux Cheesy Nachos (past Cinema freebie)

Bar:  Revival@Fameshed –  backyard bar

Stools:  Revival@Fameshed – bar stool

Basket: Cheeky Pea   Stargazer Landing Blanket Basket

Rough around the edges, memories and baggage

Skin:  Glam Affair@Uber –  Lauren skin – Asia 06 NB

Eyes:  Buzzeri@Kustom9 – Bewitched Eyes – Chocolate

Brows:  Buzzeri@Cosmetic Fair- Cara Eyebrow – Firey Red

Hair:  Little Bones@Fameshed – Flowers – Reds

Top:  Foxes@Uber –  Long Sweatshirt – White cat  - Wider Bottom

Leggings:  Foxes@Uber – Leggings – Curvy – Large- Chromatic

Shoes:  Renegade – Triple Strap Pumps – Black

Necklace:  Foxes@Uber – Sweater Chain Add on  (included with top)

Choker:   Eclat – Choker Pussy

Ring:   Eclat –Chevron Ring/Silver

Belt:  COCO – WrapSkinnyBelt_Silver-Studs

Pose:   Imeka – Emi (modded)



Robe:  Dutchie -  bathrobe white

Towel:  Bazar - Bathroom towel

Large shelf: Trompe Loeil@Fameshed – Antique Crate Decor

Small shelves:  Bazar - Bathroom shelf-male & female

Tub:  Pixel Mode@Fameshed –  Poor Man`s Hot Tub

Rug:  Bazar - Bathroom carpet

Platform:  Pixel Mode@Fameshed – Poor Man`s Hot Tub – Platform

Candles:  Pixel Mode@Fameshed – Candles – Birch

Chair:  Cheeky Pea@Fameshed – Virginia Dining Chair – Snow

Flowers:  Cheeky Pea@Fameshed – Virginia Flowers

Plant:  Dutchie - Schefflera tall

Curtains:  The Loft - Bennet Drapes White

Mirror:  Pilot - Flower Mirror [Snow]

Lamps:  Bazar - Bed Lamps

Headboard:  Cheeky Pea@Fameshed – Virginia Dining Table (used as headboard)

Bed:  Stockholm&Lima@Fameshed – Autumn’s End Bed

Candles:  Cheeky Pea@Fameshed –  Virginia Candles

Tray:  Stockholm&Lima@Fameshed – Strawberries and Champagne Tray



Taste the air you breathe and kiss the sky goodbye

Skin:  Glam Affair@Uber –  Lauren skin – Asia 06 NB

Eyes:  Buzzeri@Kustom9 – Bewitched Eyes – Chocolate

Brows:  Buzzeri@Cosmetic Fair- Cara Eyebrow – Firey Red

Hair:  Little Bones@Uber –  Brittle – Fringe no.1

Dress:  The Sugar Garden@Xiasumi School Festival Event –  Sexy Miko – Lavendar (coming soon Nov 3)

Shoes:  The Sugar Garden@Xiasumi School Festival Event – Pawprint Geta – Lavendar  (coming soon Nov 3)

Flowers 1:  The Sugar Garden – Hair Ornament Peony Clip – Lavendar 1

Flowers 2: The Sugar Garden – Kanzashi Tsumami – Lavendar 2

Butterflies:  The Sugar Garden –Hair Ornament Butterfly Clip – BabyPink Morpho 2 & 3

Collar:  The Sugar Garden – Chained Hearts – White

Pose:   Imeka – Amy

Minuet at Woodland Treasures Gatcha November!

Minuet has new items available at the November round of Woodland Treasures gatcha! A toddleedoo tee gatcha with sassy phrases and an original mesh jar gatcha! Both available here

They say time may give you more then your poor bones could ever take


Skin:  Glam Affair@Seasons Story – Penny – Asia  04 NB

Eyes:  Buzzeri@Kustom9 – Bewitched Eyes – Chocolate

Brows:  Buzzeri@Cosmetic Fair- Cara Eyebrow – Firey Red

Mesh body:  SLink – Physique Mesh Body V1.4

Hands:   SLink – Casual & Elegant

Hair:   Truth – Bijou 2 – Gingers

Top:  Milk Motion@Collabor88 - Loose knit sweater – black

Shorts: Pixicat – Cheeky.Shorts

Boots:  Minuet - Fringe Boots – Black

Socks:  Cannibelle - Black Bottom Socks

Scarf:  Snips & Snails @Seasons Story – Soopascarf 01 – Grey

Teeth:  Whatever – Teeth 2.0 – Normal

Glasses: Yummy – Quinn Frames

Tattoo:  Bolson@TMD – Cassanova

Poses:  Marukin@Collabor88


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