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Autumn bells bringing me back home


Dust Bunny is officially open inworld here! This is the Maple Cottage, which is by far my favorite. All of the builds are absolutely amazing though! I adore the small details on this such as the satellite dish, the mail box on the door, and the drapes on the inside of the door. Noel’s texturing always blows me away and the Maple Cottage is no exception. This build is the epitome of fall; cute, cozy, and warm. You must check it out!

House: Dust Bunny – Maple Cottage

Chairs:  Cheeky Pea@Fameshed

Lanterns:  Cheeky Pea@Fameshed

Wreath: Kalopsia

Hay bale: Cheeky Pea@TMD

Bookstack: Vespertine@The Arcade

Cats:  Fashionably Dead@The Arcade

Basket:  Vespertine

Pumpkins & wheel:  Pilot

Log:Vespertine@The Arcade

Campfire: Vespertine@The Arcade

Cars:  Vespertine


Table:  Apple Fall

Thistle:  Apple Fall

Terrarium: Apple Fall

Clock:  Second Spaces

Bookstack:  Apple Fall

Pillows:  Second Spaces

Tree:  Apple Fall

Desk:  Second Spaces

Ladder:  Apple Fall@The Arcade

Tree: Vespertine

Globe:  Bazar

Mail:  Bazar

Horse:  Apple Fall –

Vases:  Apple Fall


Mantle:  Second Spaces

Fireplace:  Second Spaces

Plant:  Junk@Kustom9

Chairs:  Vespertine

Basket:  Bazar

Table:   floorplan

Basket:  Pixel Mode@The Arcade

Hurricane candles: Alouette

Pumpkins & candles: Pilot@Kustom9

Plate:  EliBaily@TMD -

Utensils:  EliBaily@TMD

Couch: Vespertine@The Arcade



Sink & stove:  Apple Fall

Brooms:  Second Spaces

Bucket:  Second Spaces –

Cleaning supplies:  Second Spaces

Spice racks:

Eggs & sugar:  Pilot@The Arcade

Counter:  Second Spaces@The Liaison Collaborative

Shelves:  Second Spaces@The Liaison Collaborative

Appliances:  Second Spaces@The Liaison Collaborative

Paper towel holder:  Pilot@The Arcade

Houses:  Apple Fall

Menu board:  Alouette

Towel rack:  floorplan

Bed:  Trompe Loeil -

Curtains:  The Loft

Lights & curtains: Mirage@Genre – Modded from India Wall Unit w/Platform Rug

Standing mirror:  Vespertine@The Arcade

Mirror:  Pilot@Kustom9

Wall hanging:  Vespertine@The Arcade

Lamp:  Apple Fall@The Arcade

Framed photos:  Vespertine@The Arcade

Plants: Dutchie

Suitcase stack:  Tarte

Doll house:  Apple Fall@The Arcade

Book: Alchemy@The Secret Affair

Framed art:  floorplan

Chair:  Lark -

Bowl of roses:  The Loft

Cat:  Fashionably Dead@The Arcade

Clock:  Trinket

Hanging dress:  Lark


Glam Affair has several gorgeous, new skins out right now. Skye & Skye II are availabe at The Arcade and Artemis is available at Collabor88!

Skye at The Arcade

Skye II at The Arcade


Artemis at Collabor88


On Lauren:

Skin:  Glam Affair@The Arcade – Skye II – Artic 03 NB

Eyes:  Buzzeri@Kustom9 – Celestial Eyes

Hair:  Little Bones@The Secret Affair – Willow Tree

Jacket:  Cynful – Cropped Denim Jacket

Sweater:  Coquet@Fameshed – September Sweater – Grey Plaid

Leggings: Coquet@Fameshed  – Cropped Leggings – Basic Black

Shoes:  Whatever@District 5 – Niobium – Black

Necklace 1:  Aisiling@Jewelry Fair –  Edika Necklace

Necklace 2:  Glam Affair@Fameshed – Empire Statement Necklace Classy Colors:BLACK



On Elly:

Skin:  Angelica

Eyes:  Buzzeri@Kustom9 – Celestial Eyes

Hair:  Wasabi Pills

Jacket:  Snips & Snails – Rose Denim Jacket

Top:  Turducken – Part of Mikah Outfit

Pants: Minuet@The Family Flea Market -  High Waisted Jeans – Dark

Shoes: Minuet@The Family Flea Market -   Bow Flats –White

Antlers: Half- Deer@The Arcade

Ears:  Half- Deer@The Arcade

Pose:  ~ By Cade ~ – Momma’s Protection Pose





Leaves blown beneath the eaves

Skin:  Pink Fuel – Doll V2 – Blonde Brow

Eyes:  Buzzeri@Kustom9 – Celestial Eyes

Hair:  Truth – Lala – Light Blondes

Hoodie: Snips & Snails – Pullover Hoodie – Mud

Shirt: Snips & Snails – Button Down Shirt – Chalk

Pants: Minuet@The Family Flea Market -  High Waisted Jeans – Dark

Shoes: Minuet@The Family Flea Market -   Bow Flats – Black

Necklace: Noodles – Peaceful Daisy

Glasses: Yummy – Quinn Frames

Dog:  Birdy – Boston Buddy – Cuddle


There’s a crack in the crystal glass and it holds the memories of our past

The incredibly talented owner behind the children’s store Little Closet, Noel (lxlnoel resident), is opening a new store called Dusty Bunny, which will feature original mesh builds and home decor items. Dusty Bunny is not open yet, but will be very soon!

One of the first of several new releases, will be this gorgeous upcycled cabin. While small in size, it is still an incredibly spacious, multipurpose building! The textures are absolutely gorgeous, the right amount of realism, combined with that perfectly distressed, and lived in feel.


Cabin:  Dust Bunny – Upcycled Cabin (coming soon)

Chairs:  Cheeky Pea@Fameshed – Louis’ Willow Chair A & B

Table: Vespertine – camping table

Camera:  Vespertine – medium format camera

Thermos: Vespertine –tea time/daylight

Lemonade:  Vespertine –lemonade box

Barrel & pumpkins:  Pilot –Barrel Pumpkin Display

Grill:  Vespertine – portable grill

Picnic basket:  Vespertine – picnic basket

Blanket:  Vespertine – blanket-texture change

Game: Vespertine –table game

Sandwiches:  Vespertine – baguette snack

Fruit: Vespertine –fruit treats

Pie:  Vespertine – apple pie

Flower beds:  Dysfunctional Designs – Gardenbed – Flowers – Corner Square & 1 Sided


Pumpkins & crate: Pilot – Crate Pumpkin Display

Basket:  Vespertine – basket full of summer

Bottles:  Apple Fall –  Ceramic Bottles

Bike:  Lark – Bike (F) RARE

Mailbox:  Botanical – Vintage Porch Mailbox (White)

Star: Cheeky Pea@Fameshed – Louis’ Star Light


Bed:  Scarlet Creative@The Arcade – Meribel Lounger Bed Mo

Canopy:  .a.n.c. ltd. – canopy:lace:white

Hanging wall art: tarte@The Arcade –  hanging wall art

Small wall art:   tarte@The Arcade – small wall art

Hello sign:  Tres Blah@The Arcade – Workspace – Hello Sign

Cat:  A i s l i n g@The Arcade – NINO Snow (Lazy)

Tray:  Cheeky Pea@Fameshed – Louis’ Chalkboard Tray

Food & Beverages: Cheeky Pea@Fameshed –  Louis’ Hot Apple Cider Goodies

Bench: Scarlet Creative@The Arcade –  Meribel Stool


Sofa:   Scarlet Creative@The Arcade – Meribel Day Sofa Mod

Framed art – Apple Fall – ‘Cat’ Art &  ‘A’ Font Frame

Mirror:  Pilot – Flower Mirror [Snow]

Pillows:  The Loft – Roxy Lumbar French Stamp Red, Roxy Lumbar Vintage Sack, & Roxy Lumbar French Stamp Blue

Cat:  Fashionably Dead@The Arcade – Cat – 02 Sleeping Curled

Table:  Second Spaces –  Riviera console table – white

Oil can:  Keke@The Liaison Collaborative –  roadtrip – oil can w flowers – red

Book stack & glasses:   Apple Fall –  Design Books

Rug:   The Loft – Linen Trim Rug Beige

Milk cans:  floorplan – dairy milk cans

Thistle: Apple Fall –  Wild Thistles

Heater:  Consignment – Boneyard Patio Heater – Red

Fondue:  Lark@The Arcade – Fondue – Messy (19) RARE

Stand:  Lark@The Arcade –  Fondue – Food Stand A (13)

Plate:   Lark@The Arcade –  Fondue – Plate Strawberries (5)

Plate stack:   Lark@The Arcade – Fondue – Plate Stack (11)

Napkins & forks:   Lark@The Arcade –    Fondue – Fork & Napkins

Wine bottle: Breno – Wine bottle (RED)


Pillows:  tarte@The Arcade – pillow stack

Trunk: tarte@The Arcade – worn chest

Draped fabric: Pixel Mode@The Arcade – The Sewing Corner  – Fabric Piece

Cat:  Fashionably Dead@The Arcade – Cat – 04 Stretched On Back

Lantern:  Cheeky Pea@Fameshed – Louis’ Lantern

Candles:  Ison@The Arcade – light of life

Framed mail:  Sari-Sari –   Frame with Mail

Yukka: ILO –  Yukka Plant

Bulbs:  BP* –  hydroponics  bulb 1 & 5


Desk:  Tres Blah@The Arcade – Workspace – Desk


Chair:  Tres Blah@The Arcade – Workspace – Chair

Brushes & paint:  Tres Blah@The Arcade –  Workspace – Art Clutter

Mason jar:  Tres Blah@The Arcade – Workspace – Silver Mason Jar of Roses

Houses:  Apple Fall – Small Wooden Houses

Pattern:  Tres Blah@The Arcade – Workspace – Sewing Pattern

Tablet:  Tres Blah@The Arcade – Workspace – Tablet

Thread:  Pixel Mode@The Arcade – The Sewing Corner  – Thread Organizer

Hanging fabric:  Pixel Mode@The Arcade – The Sewing Corner  – Fabric Rolls – D

Shelves: Tres Blah@The Arcade – Workspace – Shelves

Cat planters:  Nylon Outfitters@The Arcade – Cat Head Pot – Polkadots & Sleepy Cat Pot – Painted Blue

Framed art & books:  Tres Blah@The Arcade – Workspace – Print and Books

Files:  Tres Blah@The Arcade – Workspace – And Files

Cat:  Fashionably Dead@The Arcade – Cat – 09 Ready to Pounce


I’m thinking of just this time

Skin:  Glam Affair@Collabor88 –  Artemis – Asia 03 NB

Eyes:  Buzzeri@Kustom9 – Celestial Eyes

Mesh Mouth:  Loud Mouth –  Alli {Closed}

Hair:  Truth – Grande 2 – Gingers

Top:  Deetalez@Collabor88 –  Mesh Tunic dress *black lace* SMALL

Skirt: Deadwool@Collabor88 –  Chios skirt – white

Shoes: – Zoe.Heels (Greyscale)


Bag: Ison@Uber – summer striped net bag (black)

Necklace & earrings:  Cae@Fit For A Princess – Isabelle

Sunglasses:  Izzie’s – Oversized Sunglasses (black lenses) (mesh)

Dog:  Alchemy@Chapter Four  – Chi Chi Chihuahua – RARE

Pose:  Kirin@Collabor88 –  Athena

Skin:  Glam Affair@Collabor88 -  Artemis – Asia 03 NB

Eyes:  Buzzeri@Kustom9 – Celestial Eyes

Teeth:  Whatever – Teeth 2.0 – Normal

Hair:   LittleBones@N° 21 – Stardust

Top: R2 -A/D/E uruo – black

Skirt:  Coquet@The Liaison Collaborative – Route 66 Skirt  -Dark

Shoes:  Reign@Kustom9 – EROS HEELS

Necklace:  A i s l i n g@The Fantasy Gatcha- Tortuga Princess – Necklace RARE

Headpiece:    A i s l i n g@The Fantasy Gatcha – Tortuga Princess Headdress RARE

Belt:  A i s l i n g@The Fantasy Gatcha – Tortuga Princess Belt RARE

Hands:    A i s l i n g@The Fantasy Gatcha –  Tortuga Princess Hand

Rings:  A i s l i n g@The Fantasy Gatcha – Tortuga Princess Rings

Armband:    A i s l i n g@The Fantasy Gatcha – Tortuga Princess Armband 1

Bracelets:    A i s l i n g@The Fantasy Gatcha –  Tortuga Princess Bracers 1

Pegasus:  Alchemy – Story Book – Pegasus – Pink

Poses:  Marukin


Bed:  Trompe Loeil@Fameshed – Fiona Treebed Blue Draped

You try to find the lines to speak your mind

Skin:  Lara Hurley@Uber – Fae gloss /Milky

Eyes:  Buzzeri@Kustom9 – Celestial Eyes

Brows:  Buzzeri –  Talia Eyebrow – Gingerbread

Freckles:  Buzzeri – Summer Speckles – Lil’ bit of Speckles!

Teeth:  Whatever – Teeth 2.0 – Normal

Hair:  Truth@Uber – Malibu 2 – Gingers

Sweater:  Milk Motion – grandma cosy cardigan – white

Top:   The Secret Store –  Lua’s Cropped Shirt – Triangles

Pants:  Pumpkin – tapered trousers – brown

Shoes: – Candi Wedges (Cloudy)

Bag:  Tokidoki – Stumble bag (light)

Necklace:  Cae – Love Lock Necklace

Dog:  Alchemy@Chapter Four  – Chi Chi Chihuahua – RARE

Pose:  Marukin



Gas station:  Oyasumi@The Liaison Collaborative – Gas stand set

Cars:  Vespertine – Travelers car (red & sky)

Wagon:  Sway’s@The Liaison Collaborative – [Willow] Living Wagon . native

Mirror:  Keke@The Liaison Collaborative – roadtrip – mirror

Lights:  Zigana@The Liaison Collaborative – pepper lights

Suitcases:  Tarte@The Liaison Collaborative – suitcase stack (spring)

Table:   Zigana@The Liaison Collaborative – On the road diner table . mint

Chairs:   Mudhoney@The Liaison Collaborative – Saffron Chair & Saffron Chair w/ Blanket

Backpack:   Kuro@The Liaison Collaborative – Hitchhiker kit

Rugs:  Mudhoney@The Liaison Collaborative – Saffron Rug – paisley & leaves

Basket: Floorplan@The Liaison Collaborative – gas price numbers basket

Oil can:  Keke@The Liaison Collaborative –  roadtrip – oil can w flowers – red

Map:Zigana@The Liaison Collaborative – travelers map

Sign:  Floorplan@The Liaison Collaborative – route 66 leaning sign

Cushion: Mudhoney@The Liaison Collaborative –  Saffron Pouffe – canvas

Cactus: Zigana@The Liaison Collaborative – one happy cactus


Minuet at Limited 50 August

The August round of Limited 50 opens tonight at 12AM SLT and I have released two new items! An outfit and a dress, only 50 copies to be sold! Check out this amazing event here

They bring down angels like you

Skin: Glam Affair – Rose – Artic 08 NB

Brows:  Buzzeri@Cosmetic Fair – Talia Eyebrow – Gingerbread

Hair:  Ison@Hair Fair 2014 – Bee – Reds

Top:  NYU@Fameshed – Floral Blouse, Memory

Skirt:  NYU@Fameshed – Skater Skirt – Beige

Shoes:  Reign@Project Limited – Saddle Plats Beige

Bag:  Mango Cheeks@N° 21 – Lockheart Purse – Pink

Hair flower: BOOM@N° 21 – Sunflower Hair Decor Single (blush)

Headpiece:  Blah@The Manga Fair – My Serenity Head Chains  – Heart Charm

Pose:  Olive Juice – Lookbook 7 Summer

All the love I had before

Skin: Glam Affair – Rose – Artic 05 NB

Brows:  Buzzeri@Cosmetic Fair – Talia Eyebrow – Gingerbread

Eyes:  Egozy – Eyes (Brown).Light

Hair:  Truth@ L’amitie Market – Lala – Gingers

Dress: Alchemy@The Secret Affair – Dream- Puff – Pink

Shoes:  Whatever – Silicium

Epaulets:  Alchemy@The Secret Affair – Dreams – Epaulets – Pink

Choker:Alchemy@The Secret Affair – Dreams – Choker – Pink

Eyepatch:  Alchemy@The Secret Affair –  Dream – Eyepatch – Pink

Fawn:  Alchemy@The Secret Affair –  Dreams – Spirit Fawn Familiar – RARE



Bed:  Pixel Mode@The Liaison Collabrative – Pixel Mode -Josephine Bed

Lamp:  Pixel Mode@The Liaison Collabrative – Pixel Mode -Josephine Lamp – Covered

Canopy:  anc Ltd@The Liaison Collabrative – canopy:lace:white

Bookshelf:  Alouette – Grunge Bookshelf

Rug:  Atelier Visconti@The Liaison Collabrative – Helena Carpet

Pillows:  Apple Fall – LTD Studded Cushion (24K) & LTD Ruffles Cushion (1970)

Dog:  Half-Deer – Sleepy Italian Greyhound – Fawn

Loveseat: Stockholm&Lima@The Liaison Collabrative – The Garden Loveseat (Bordeaux)

Vanity:  What Next@The Liaison Collabrative –  Isabelle Vanity Table & Mirror

Take me to the edge

Skin: Glam Affair – Rose – Artic 05 NB

Brows:  Buzzeri@Cosmetic Fair – Talia Eyebrow – Gingerbread

Eyes:  Egozy – Eyes (Brown).Light

Hair:  Atomic@N° 21 –  Daydream – Reds

Cardigan:  COCO@Chapter Four  – Open Front Cardigan – Navy

Top:  coldLogic – Stratten – blue

Leggings:  Villena –  H/W Leggings  – White

Shoes:  Reign@Project Limited – Nadeen Wedges

Bag:  Reign@Seasons Story – Beach Bum Bag – Ahoy

Necklace 1:  Cae@Serafilm – Kay Necklace

Necklace 2:  Whatever@Project Limited – Letter Necklace – L – Silver

Seal:  Alchemy@OMG Oh My Gacha –  Seal Pups – Balloon ! RARE


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