Our Home

The skybox is the Port Eynon Skybox from Theosophy. I know it’s been blogged many times before but it’s so pretty! I tried to group items that were around each other together. I’m not sure if that makes it easier or just makes it more confusing. Just IM me in world if you wanna know where anything is from. Anyways, on to the pictures…

Kervern Sofa Rust & Bryn Armchairs Rust:  The Loft

Castor Wheel Coffee Table & Peas in a Pod:  The Loft

Antique W&W Rug 2 & Maxwell Floor Lamp:  The Loft

Alex Drapes red BASED & Lantern Tree Rust:  The Loft

Restoration Fireplace & Restoration Bookshelf:  LISP Bazaar

Family / Friends Picture Frame (not released):  <- PoM ->

love heals. sofa & chairs : *Art Dummy!

Paint Chipped Hearts & Tin Heart (on wall):  *Art Dummy!

Castor Wheel Coffee Table, Kerve Vases Ruby, & Candle in Glass Small(2):  The Loft

Mathilde Rug Beige:  LISP Bazaar

ruby red walking shoes:  *Art Dummy!

between autumn and spring. (decorative branches) & Traveling Basket:  *Art Dummy!

Bryn Drapery (I think this was a group gift):  The Loft

vintage barn light (red):  *Art Dummy!

TULLIA Sexbed / Vanilla:  NOTsoBAD

Fairview  Ottoman/w stuff:  The Loft

Fashion Silhouette  – Art:  .::DARE::..

Halkyn Torso (Beige/L):  Theosophy

Bailey Dried Branch & Bailey Vase:  The Loft

Bryn Drapery (I think this was a group gift):  The Loft

“Volets”Partition002(W):  *Y\’s HOUSE*

Suede Storage Bench Brown:  The Loft

planter-03-m & planter-03-s:  Itutu

CD Pyra Double Vase, Orchid Buds, Candle in Glass Large, & Candle in Glass Medium(2):  The Loft

Top Row:

Birdie (dark) & Birdie – The Loft / Memento Jar I – Kyoot / Row of Books & Stack o’ Books – { what next }

Second Row:

Bryn Books 1 – The Loft / Belladonna Bottle, Poison Bottle, Sugar of Lead Poison Bottle, & Mercury Tincture Bottle – LISP Bazaar

Third Row:

Swimmy’s Fishbowl & Swimmy the Copper fish – *Art Dummy! / Floor Books – The Loft / Memento Jar II – Kyoot / Pile O’ Books – { what next } / Grandma’s Books – MudHoney

Fourth Row:

Matryoshka doll (M) (+Shadow), Matryoshka doll (L), & Matryoshka doll (S) (+shadow) – Kari / Stack of Books – MudHoney / Bryn Books 2 – The Loft / Perky on a Stand & Lerky on a Stand – *Art Dummy!

Fifth Row:

In Flight Book Stack – :: Awesome Blossom :: / Cross Tabletop Dummy & Heart Tabletop Dummy – LISP Bazaar / wooden rabbit – *Art Dummy! /Leaf in a Jar – fri.day


planter-03-m –  Itutu / Delilah’s Floor Frames – La\’Licious / Mathilde Basket of Towels – LISP Bazaar / In Flight Wooden Stool – :: Awesome Blossom :: / Vintage fan (L)(Shadow) – Kari


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