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I just recently changed out my SL home and furniture. Since the sim I live on is changing over to green again. I’m pretty excited for spring in SL so I did something out of the ordinary for myself. And used bright colors and I am loving it. I’ve only blogged one of my SL homes prior to this so, hope you enjoy. Also, If you have any questions about specific items feel free to ask.

Let me just say that this house is gorgeous! The Bourbon is a New Orleans themed rowhome. It’s 109 prims which is the perfect size for me. I love smaller house.  I’ve only had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans once in RL when I was a little girl because my family had relatives there. This house reminds my of what a gorgeous city it is, the food, the people, all the historical sight.

The textures are beautiful and it just creates a perfect calm, serene atmosphere for me. The house itself is really what inspired the way I decorated it. Clementine Ishtari modded the house in a few places for me. She took out the fireplace in the area that is my kitchen because I need a little extra space. And she also put up a railing in the bedroom area.


Living Room & House

House:  [DECO] – The Bourbon

Bernadette Chair I Ash, Frezza Sofa Teal(MESH) FLF Exclusive, Alex Pouf White, Castor Table White Wash, Moby Vase (past group gift), Candles:  The Loft

Rug & Bowl(modded to remove fruit and made larger): Cheeky Pea

Fireplace (modded):  – { what next }

Picture frame (modded and then added in art I found on google):  – MudHoney

Cross Tabletop Dummy & Heart Tabletop Dummy – LISP Bazaar

Delilah’s Floor Frames – La’Licious

Leaf in a Jar –

Halkyn Torso (Beige/L):  Theosophy

Bailey Dried Branch & Bailey Vase:  The Loft



Sink, stove top, fridge, wall shelving, & unstensils:  The Loft – part of Castera Kitchen set

Canisters:  [Commoner] – Vice Jars

Lantern Tree:  The Loft

Tables, chairs, screen, plates, glasses, & flowers (past group gift) :  The Loft

Sombrero Lights,pink, yellow, & purple (past group gift):  The Loft

Steps, stacked cups, daises, & cactus (past group gift):  The Loft

Cake stands:  – MudHoney

Extra stuff on the fridge (modded):  La’Licious



Bed, dresser, wardrobe, table, rug, and all other knick knacks:  Cheeky Pea – Heather Bedroom Set


I really hope everyone enjoyed this as much as I did. Happy shopping


4 responses to “My home

  1. Bells January 26, 2012 at 5:34 PM

    I love what you did with the house, it’s beautiful ❤

  2. Vixen Thibedeau January 27, 2012 at 10:38 AM

    OMG I love it too! I stumbled upon this randomly on one of the feeds and wouldn’t you know, Bells has already beat me to it. LOL. Great job, Lauren! And thanks for your help with finding the build! <#

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