USHI Mall Opening Party!

Today is the grand opening party of Ushi Mall! Ushi Mall consists are a variety of some really great stores including {K}Rea, Vangaurd, ColoreTa, [DDL], [BURLEY], {.essences.}, [A]arenesmee, Drop, {.essences.}, ILLMATIC, BellBalls, & PaperBag.

The opening party starts at 6PM SLT and runs for 2 hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to come check it out. Also be sure to join the USHI. Mall group to grab the awesome group gifts. There is a fee to join the group but it is only 150L$ and the gifts will be set at 0L$ for group members. All the stores listed about will have a gift out. This is definitely a great event and deal that you certainly should not miss out on!

Come check it out this evening here at 6 PM SLT!


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