Our home


House:  [DECO] – St. Thomas

Pot dude & chick:  The Loft

Ladder:  La’Licious

Shelf with plants:  { what next }

Crates: Little Boxes (store is closed)

Bowl with watering can & plants: Itutu

Bottles: Itutu

Tub:  Tatty Soup

Box of eggs:  LISP Bazaar

Bird house & planters:  La’Licious


Couch, chairs, and suitcases:  LISP Bazaar

Rug, table, candles:   La’Licious

Pictures:  Little Boxes & This is a Fawn (both stores are closed)

Frames, door & shelf, armoire: La’Licious

Rainboots & bag:  { what next }

Heart & shoes:  Art Dummy

Chair:  Awesome Blossom (I think this was a past subscriber gift)


Counters, bar, stove, fridge, rug, pictures & lamp:  La’Licious

Dish rack, tomatoes, hanging utensils:  Itutu

Bag of bread, newspaper, book, & mugs:  MudHoney

Baskets, dish towels, lilies, canisters & metal bins:  Second Spaces

Fruit:  Artilleri


Bed, sofa, rugs, drapes, table, dresser, chairs,  mannequin:  MudHoney

White vases:  The Loft

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