New At Minuet: Personalized Wall Art

I’ll be taking custom orders for these personalized wall art frames. These are great in kids rooms or  for anyone just looking for that added personal touch to a room. I’ll have a notecard set for 0L$ that has all of the information about theses. Individual frames will be 50L$. The 50L$ is due to me upfront. I then need a copy of your transaction history, if you would like you can include your transaction history at the bottom of the notecard available or in a separate one. Just let me know that you have included and where you have done so.

Frames are available with mod/copy permissions only. If you are wanting to send the frame as a gift, please let me know and I can send the personalized frame to your intended recipient. I just need their name. There are several background colors to chose from: beige, black, blue, green, purple, or pink. I have examples of these rezzed at my mainstore if you interested in seeing some of them. Please make sure your SL name is available in search so I can look for you when your frame is complete and ready to be sent. Please visit my store here for more information ♥

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