You think of things impossible

The current round of The Arcade opened at the beginning of the month and as usual, there are so many amazing items that you’ve got to have!  Scarlet Creative has released this gorgeous Mountain Lodge set, which I am showing you some of the items from today.

One of the rares, is the Mountain Lodge build, with its beautiful rough wood and stone textures. I love all of the windows that let in natural lighting, perfect for the upcoming spring season. The other items you can play for from the gatcha machines in this set include a modern bed, wood sideboard, belted log pile, love plant, deck chair, glass easel table, pier with lights, and cable ceiling lights.

Alouette has an adorable Fairy Tree House gatcha, perfect for kids and adults alike. The rare being the tree house base, and all sets include one fairy. I am a sucker for flowers in SL and The Secret Store has a Wild Flowers gatcha available for this round of The Arcade! Lark’s gatcha set is The Farmer’s market, there are 22 commons, which includes food items, decor, and a bag. The rares for Lark’s Farmer’s Market gatcha are these wonderful photo prop bikes. There are 22 prizes to collect, with 4 rares, 2 tables, and 2 large vases with flowers. The smaller vases have modify permissions so you can detach them and use the flowers where you’d like.

There are so many more amazing things at The Arcade that you absolutely must see. Please check out the official website here and the current shopping guide! Seraphim also has a list of gatcha yard sales on their website thats very helpful! Happy shopping and hunting ♥


House:  Scarlet Creative@The Arcade –  Mountain Lodge Mesh House – RARE

Flowers:  Atelier Visconti – Brise’ White & Yellow Roses Bucket

Cat prints:  Apple Fall – Cat Print & Cat Print 1

Clocks: Sari-Sari – Antique Clock Faces

Papers:   Pilot – Rolled Paper Rack

File box: Seven Emporium – Tall File

Scattered mail:  Sari-Sari – Assorted Mail


Mirror:  The Loft  –  Neiman Mirror Silver Birch

Drapes:   The Loft  – Mathis Drapery Beach

Fireplace:  The Loft  –  Mathis Fireplace

Vases:  The Loft  –  Twisted Vase Silver Birch

Couches:  The Loft  –  Roxy Armless Sofa White

Consoles:  The Loft  –  Mathis Console Walnut

Table:  The Loft  –   Wagon Table Bleached

Potted plant:  Scarlet Creative@The Arcade – Mountain Love Plant in Pot

Lamps:  The Loft  –   Wireframe Lamp White

Rug: The Loft  –   Printed Jute Rug

Bowl:  The Loft  –  Pillow Holder Coast

Logs: Scarlet Creative@The Arcade – Mountain Lodge Birch in Belts


Abacus:  Second Spaces – Vintage abacus

Wagon:  Seven Emporium –  Little Red Wagon

Jacks:  Second Spaces – Vintage deco jacks

Trike: Little Closet –  Vintage Trike – Crate –  RARE

Whales:  Little Closet –  Aiden’s Whale Toy – Gray & Pink (No longer available)

Tree house: Alouette@The Arcade –   Fairy Tree House (Full Linked Set)

Wagon:  Little Lamb –  My First Set Of Wheels  (past Wonderland Gift Shoppe item, no inworld location listed)


Bike: Lark@The Arcade –  Bike (F) RARE

Bunting:  Lark@The Arcade – Handkerchief Bunting

Flowers:  The Secret Store@The Arcade –  Wild Flowers – Big Vase of Daffodils – RARE

Suitcases:  floorplan – suitcase stack

Flower pots:   Second Spaces – nglish Garden stacked pots


Table:  Scarlet Creative@The Arcade – Mountain Lodge Table

Chairs: Scarlet Creative@The Arcade – Mountain Lodge Deck Chair

Tray: Dutchie – tray with black coffee (home/large inside) (part of kitchen set)

Croissants:  Lark@The Arcade – Croissants

Flowers:  The Secret Store@The Arcade –   Wild Flowers – Wild Cyclamen

Potted plant: Scarlet Creative@The Arcade –   Mountain Love Plant in Pot

Kitchen:  Bazar – Toronto Kitchen

Shelf:  Second Spaces – industrial baker’s rack

Crates: Seven Emporium –  Lab Crates – Animated

Sack:  Dysfunctional Designs – Burlap Supply Sack – Apples / Larma


Fireplace:  Second Spaces –  portable mantel

Candle rack:  Dysfunctional Designs – Branch Candelabra (Wall)

Chairs:  Atelier Visconti – Mont Blanc Rocking Chair

Table:   The Loft  – Spool Table Black

Lantern:  Atelier Visconti – Mont Blanc Lantern Red

Coat rack:  Atelier Visconti – Mont Blanc Coat Rack

Screen:  Junk – toulon screen. cream.

Baskets:  +ILO+ – Weave Basket / OPEN & CLOSED

Pitcher:  Apple Fall – Preserved Poppies


Picture:  floorplan – dictionary prints

Lights:  floorplan – industrial lighting

Bed: Scarlet Creative@The Arcade –  Mountain Lodge Bed

Rug:  Bazar –  Arizona Rug 1

Trunk:  Apple Fall – Fashion Trunk (Beachwood)

Books:  Apple Fall – Tied books

Flowers:  The Secret Store@The Arcade –   Wild Flowers – Mixed Flowers Vase – RARE

Ladder:  oyasumi –  ladder light (dark) / unplugged

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