Autumn bells bringing me back home


Dust Bunny is officially open inworld here! This is the Maple Cottage, which is by far my favorite. All of the builds are absolutely amazing though! I adore the small details on this such as the satellite dish, the mail box on the door, and the drapes on the inside of the door. Noel’s texturing always blows me away and the Maple Cottage is no exception. This build is the epitome of fall; cute, cozy, and warm. You must check it out!

House: Dust Bunny – Maple Cottage

Chairs:  Cheeky Pea@Fameshed

Lanterns:  Cheeky Pea@Fameshed

Wreath: Kalopsia

Hay bale: Cheeky Pea@TMD

Bookstack: Vespertine@The Arcade

Cats:  Fashionably Dead@The Arcade

Basket:  Vespertine

Pumpkins & wheel:  Pilot

Log:Vespertine@The Arcade

Campfire: Vespertine@The Arcade

Cars:  Vespertine


Table:  Apple Fall

Thistle:  Apple Fall

Terrarium: Apple Fall

Clock:  Second Spaces

Bookstack:  Apple Fall

Pillows:  Second Spaces

Tree:  Apple Fall

Desk:  Second Spaces

Ladder:  Apple Fall@The Arcade

Tree: Vespertine

Globe:  Bazar

Mail:  Bazar

Horse:  Apple Fall –

Vases:  Apple Fall


Mantle:  Second Spaces

Fireplace:  Second Spaces

Plant:  Junk@Kustom9

Chairs:  Vespertine

Basket:  Bazar

Table:   floorplan

Basket:  Pixel Mode@The Arcade

Hurricane candles: Alouette

Pumpkins & candles: Pilot@Kustom9

Plate:  EliBaily@TMD –

Utensils:  EliBaily@TMD

Couch: Vespertine@The Arcade



Sink & stove:  Apple Fall

Brooms:  Second Spaces

Bucket:  Second Spaces –

Cleaning supplies:  Second Spaces

Spice racks:

Eggs & sugar:  Pilot@The Arcade

Counter:  Second Spaces@The Liaison Collaborative

Shelves:  Second Spaces@The Liaison Collaborative

Appliances:  Second Spaces@The Liaison Collaborative

Paper towel holder:  Pilot@The Arcade

Houses:  Apple Fall

Menu board:  Alouette

Towel rack:  floorplan

Bed:  Trompe Loeil –

Curtains:  The Loft

Lights & curtains: Mirage@Genre – Modded from India Wall Unit w/Platform Rug

Standing mirror:  Vespertine@The Arcade

Mirror:  Pilot@Kustom9

Wall hanging:  Vespertine@The Arcade

Lamp:  Apple Fall@The Arcade

Framed photos:  Vespertine@The Arcade

Plants: Dutchie

Suitcase stack:  Tarte

Doll house:  Apple Fall@The Arcade

Book: Alchemy@The Secret Affair

Framed art:  floorplan

Chair:  Lark –

Bowl of roses:  The Loft

Cat:  Fashionably Dead@The Arcade

Clock:  Trinket

Hanging dress:  Lark


Glam Affair has several gorgeous, new skins out right now. Skye & Skye II are availabe at The Arcade and Artemis is available at Collabor88!

Skye at The Arcade

Skye II at The Arcade


Artemis at Collabor88


On Lauren:

Skin:  Glam Affair@The Arcade – Skye II – Artic 03 NB

Eyes:  Buzzeri@Kustom9 – Celestial Eyes

Hair:  Little Bones@The Secret Affair – Willow Tree

Jacket:  Cynful – Cropped Denim Jacket

Sweater:  Coquet@Fameshed – September Sweater – Grey Plaid

Leggings: Coquet@Fameshed  – Cropped Leggings – Basic Black

Shoes:  Whatever@District 5 – Niobium – Black

Necklace 1:  Aisiling@Jewelry Fair –  Edika Necklace

Necklace 2:  Glam Affair@Fameshed – Empire Statement Necklace Classy Colors:BLACK



On Elly:

Skin:  Angelica

Eyes:  Buzzeri@Kustom9 – Celestial Eyes

Hair:  Wasabi Pills

Jacket:  Snips & Snails – Rose Denim Jacket

Top:  Turducken – Part of Mikah Outfit

Pants: Minuet@The Family Flea Market –  High Waisted Jeans – Dark

Shoes: Minuet@The Family Flea Market –   Bow Flats –White

Antlers: Half- Deer@The Arcade

Ears:  Half- Deer@The Arcade

Pose:  ~ By Cade ~ – Momma’s Protection Pose





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