Dust Bunny at The Arcade


The December round of The Arcade is upon us! This will be Dust Bunny’s first round participating, and Noel has created some gorgeous holiday items for your home! The rares include the beautiful, snowy, Dreamer’s Cottage and the bright and shiny Christmas tree!

There are 16 common items, all at 1 land impact each, and as I mentioned before, the 2 rares, the cottage is 121 land impact and the tree is 14 land impact. The Arcade opens on December 1st!

I’ve paired Dust Bunny’s items with several of Ispachi‘s piece from the Emerson set, which perfectly compliment one another because of their shabby, lived in feel. It’s a perfect set for you upcoming fall and winter homes. Happy shopping ♥


House:  dust bunny . the dreamers cottage

Picnic table & accessories:   What Next @ The Liaison Collaborative – Winter Harvest Picnic

Lighted bushes:  Pixel Mode -Lighted Birch Bush

Postbox:  Vespertine – vintage postbox/poppy red

Wreath:  Dysfunctional Designs – Holiday Wreath

Garland: Dysfunctional Designs –  Starry Night Garland 03 – Small

Snow men:  Izzie’s – Snow Covered Snowman red & Snow Covered Little Snowman red

Fountain:  Atelier Visconti – Fountain Clover Snowy

Car:  Modded from Dust Bunny’s snow globe  – Just a heads up, if you do mod the snow globe to use the car as a decor item, the land impact will increase. It was about 150 Li here.




Stove:  Post – Marquette Gas Stove

Kettle:  dust bunny . kettle (coming soon to The Arcade)

Branch: Myrrine (currently no store inworld)

Stool: Ispachi – [EMERSON] Foot Stool

Fruit crate:  Ispachi – [EMERSON] Apples & Pears

Stacked crates:    Floorplan – apple crate stack seat

Trike:  Little Closet – Vintage Trike – Powder

Curtain:   Mudhoney  – Burlap Curtains (long)

Table:  dust bunny . lumberjack’s table   (coming soon to The Arcade)

Heater: dust bunny . vintage space heater . coal  (coming soon to The Arcade)

Canisters:  Pixel Mode – THB – Kitchen Jars

Baking sheet:  Pixel Mode –  THB – Stacked Baking Pans

Egg bowl:   Pixel Mode –  THB – Egg Bowl

Mixing bowl:  dust bunny . making cookies (coming soon to The Arcade)

Gingerbread house: dust bunny . gingerbread house  (coming soon to The Arcade)

Heater:  dust bunny . vintage space heater . pearl (coming soon to The Arcade)

Rocking chair:   Ispachi –  [EMERSON] Rocking Chair

Lamp:   Ispachi – [EMERSON] Floor Lamp

Table:   Ispachi –  [EMERSON] Side Table

Candles:   Ispachi – [EMERSON] Coasters & Candles

Cocoa:  dust bunny . cookies & cocoa

Cookie basket:  Little Closet – Bunny Cookies – Group Gift

Tree: Construct –   Mesh Christmastree small

Mail: TARTESSOS ARTS – Concept Mail Tray

Snowglobe:  dust bunny . snow globe  (coming soon to The Arcade)

Book stack:  Fri.day –  book stack & frame

Stool:    dust bunny . vintage step ladder  (coming soon to The Arcade)

Fireplace: Kuro –  The Fireplace

Cage: Ispachi – [EMERSON] Caged Pumpkins & Pinecones

Branches: dust bunny . twinkley twigs (coming soon to The Arcade)

Deer head: dust bunny . porcelain deer . ivory (coming soon to The Arcade)

Bowl:  dust bunny . winter bulbs (coming soon to The Arcade)

Wooden candles:   Ispachi – [EMERSON] Log Candle Holders (LIT)

Mittens:  dust bunny . hanging mittens  (coming soon to The Arcade)

Tree:  dust bunny . christmas tree RARE (coming soon to The Arcade)

Packages:  Alouette – Box of mail 1, 2, & 4

Ornament boxes:   dust bunny . box of ornaments  (coming soon to The Arcade)

Bag:  Alouette – Bag of Mail

Rug 1: Apple Fall -Fiber Rug

Rug 2:  [Tia] – The White Rug

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