Come on and sew us together, tattered rags stained forever


Greenhouse:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade – lily greenhouse  (coming soon to The Arcade)

Large Tree:  Hayabusa Design –  Tree for Flower F1aWT 51

Flowers:  Hayabusa Design – Wind Field of Grass and Flowers M1 v1-1a tf34

Small tree: Hayabusa Design – Tree for flower M1 v1-1tf-10

Flower:  Hayabusa Design – MK-BT Botanic Tree M14 tf-2

Fence:  What Next – White Fence Building Set

Walkway:  Dysfunctional Designs – stoney path

Wheel barrow:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade – garden wheelbarrow (coming soon to The Arcade)

Stacked pots:  Pixel Mode –  THG – Large Clay Pots

Mailbox:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade –  makeshift mailbox . pink  (coming soon to The Arcade)

Curtain:  Half-Deer @ Collabor88 – Fairy Curtain – Tied (White)

Vines:  Half-Deer @ Collabor88 – Climbing Rose Vine (Pale)

Lights:  Botanical –  Decorative Light Set – Straight String 2m

Gardening supplies:  Pilot – garden supplies

Bench:  Cheeky Pea @ N°21 – Poppy Bench White

Plant box:  Cheeky Pea @ N°21 – Poppy PlantBox

Bucket:  Atelier Visconti – Brise’ White Roses Bucket

Pump:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade – garden pump . blue (coming soon to The Arcade)




Pitcher:  Glam Affair @ Shiny Shabby –  Decorative Pitcher

Chairs:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade –  delilah chair . white & pink  (coming soon to The Arcade)

Towels:  Glam Affair @ Shiny Shabby –   Hanged Towels (modded)

Tables:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade – rose table . ivory, pink, & blue  (coming soon to The Arcade)

Teacup:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade – tea time  (coming soon to The Arcade)

Flowers:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade –  babybreath vase  (coming soon to The Arcade)

Platter: Glam Affair @ Shiny Shabby –  Antipasto Italiano

Chandelier:  Glam Affair @ Shiny Shabby – Table Chandelier

Trinket box:  The Loft @ Fameshed – Pear Trinket Box

Ballet slippers: Glam Affair @ Shiny Shabby – Ballet Shoes on pillows

Plates: Glam Affair @ Shiny Shabby –  Stored Plates

Cake pops:  Glam Affair @ Shiny Shabby –  Deco CakePops

Pocket watch: Apple Fall – Pocket Watch

Flowers:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade –  blossoming flowers   (coming soon to The Arcade)

Book: Dust Bunny @ The Arcade –  spring reading   (coming soon to The Arcade)

Birdcage:  Pixel Mode @ Shiny Shabby -Bird Cage

Cabinet: Dust Bunny @ The Arcade –  plants cabinet  (coming soon to The Arcade)

Seed packs:  Pixel Mode –  THG – Hanging Seed Bags

Plant markers: Pixel Mode – THG – Plant Markers

Seedlings:  Pixel Mode –  THG – Seedling

Pots:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade –   recycled pots (coming soon to The Arcade)

Gardening tools:  Pixel Mode – THG – Trowel,  Weeder, &  Cultivator

Hose:   Pixel Mode – THG – Garden Hose





2 responses to “Come on and sew us together, tattered rags stained forever

  1. Lucie Bluebird February 23, 2015 at 2:58 AM

    This looks amazing, Lauren. ❤

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