Slow down the time


The upcoming round of The Arcade opens in just a few days, on the 1st of September and Dust Bunny will have an absolutely gorgeous fall themed gatcha available. With two rare builds and plenty of comfy, cozy items you will be in the fall spirit in no time!

Build:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade – acorn treehouse . RARE  (coming soon)

Wood basket:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade –   firewood basket (coming soon)

Stool: Dust Bunny @ The Arcade –    blanket stool  (coming soon)

Chairs:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade –  rocking chair  (coming soon)

Coat Rack:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade – coat rack  (coming soon)

Wood stove:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade –  wood stove . white (coming soon)

Mirror:  Kalopsia – Old Mirror (with pictures)

Rainboots:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade – rainboot cart  (coming soon)

Berries:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade –  potted rowan berries  (coming soon)

Table:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade –  window table (coming soon)

Apples:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade –  caramel apples  (coming soon)

Cocoa: Dust Bunny @ The Arcade – warm cocoa  (coming soon)

Flowers:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade –  dahlia jug   (coming soon)

Candle & books:  Dust Bunny @ The Arcade – melted candle  (coming soon)

Apple pie:   Dust Bunny @ The Arcade – apple pie  (coming soon)


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