Sari Sari for The Seasons Story

The Seasons Story opens tomorrow on the 10th and Sari Sari will be releasing these gorgeous, autumn themed items. This is a particularly special round of TSS since it is the 2 year anniversary. The event opens at 12 AM SLT and will close on October 31st.

Barrel:  Sari-Sari – Bird Barrel

Bunnies:  Dysfunctional Designs – Little Baby Bunny

Chickens:  Dysfunctional Designs –  Chickens

Wheel barrow:  Sari-Sari – Pumpkin Cart

Stump:  Sari-Sari – Tea Stump

Ladder:  floorplan @ Collabor88 –   ladder light / wood

Hay bales: Sari-Sari – Haystack

Kettle & frying pan:  Sari-Sari – Campfire Cooking

Basket:  Sari-Sari – Picnic Basket

Bird house:  Sari-Sari – Birdhouse

Well:  Jian @ We ❤ RP – Wishing Well

Logs:  Sari-Sari – Extra Logs

Pathway: Jian – Cobblestone Path


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