For the hours that slip away


House:  Dust Bunny @ Collabor88 – willow farmhouse

Table and decor:  Second Spaces @ Collabor88 –  Autumn Blues foyer – warm  (modded)

Hot Chocolate Tray –   What Next @ Collabor88 –  Vermont Hot Chocolate Tray (Berry)

Blanket basket:  Lark @ Collabor88 –  FC Basket of Blankets

Rocking chairs:   Lark @ Collabor88 – FC Rocking Chair (B & C)

Blanket box:  Second Spaces @ Collabor88 – part of Autumn Blues foyer – cool (modded)

Kitty:  Half-Deer @ Collabor88 – Cozy Cat (if I fits, I sits) – Red Tabby

Fireplace:  Lark @ Collabor88 –  FC Riverstone Fireplace

Shelf:  Lark @ Collabor88 – part of  FC Autumn Bucket

Metal bin:  Lark @ Collabor88 –  FC Autumn Bucket

Jug:  Second Spaces @ Collabor88 – part of Autumn Blues foyer – warm (modded)

Scattered acorns:  : Second Spaces @ Collabor88 –  part of Autumn Blues foyer – warm (modded)

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