There’s no place I’d rather be

Head:  Genus – Genus Head – Baby Face

Body:  The Shops – Legacy

Eyes: Avi-Glam – Fine Eyes

Skin:  Pepe – Genus / Neptune V2 / Cake FR BR

Hair:    Magika – Riley

Top:  u.f.o. – :waffle homewear – top – cream

Pants:  Rouly – Bad Baby 90’s Ripped Mom Jeans – Lollyblue

Necklace: Supernatural – . Alyssa – Gold

Plushie:   Dust Bunny: meowshroom plush . green .

Rings:  Yummy – Theia Ring Set

Nails: Ascendant – Carnaval Stiletto


Kitchen: Dust Bunny: Shirley Kitchen – White

Plant: Dust Bunny: desert dreams cacti . style a . shade 1

Chair: Dust Bunny: flora office . chair

Broom: Dust Bunny: spring cleaning . broom . pink

Tissue box: Dust Bunny: bathroom essentials . tissues

Trash can: Dust Bunny: spring cleaning . trash can . pink

Hanging pots: Hive – wall pot rack . gold

Blender: Dust Bunny: smoothie time . blender

Smoothies: Dust Bunny: smoothie time . smoothies

Smoothie tray: Dust Bunny: smoothie time . prep area

Hanging basket: Dust Bunny: tiered hanging baskets . white

Spice rack: Dust Bunny: kitchen clutter . spice rack . white

Stool: Dust Bunny: bathroom essentials . stool

Basket Dust Bunny: . bunny day treats . basket decor .

Rainboots: Nutmeg – Autumn Garden Floral Rainboots

Rug 1: Dust Bunny: . leafy rugs . fringe leaf . white

Rug 2: Dust Bunny: leafy rugs . tropical . light

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