Head:  Genus – Genus Head – Baby Face

Body:  The Shops – Legacy

Eyes: Avi-Glam @ Access – Ecstasy Eyes

Skin:  Pepe – Genus / Penny V2 / Cake FR BR

Hair:  Doux – Ciara

Top:  Candy Doll – Roxy Top – Baby Blue

Cardigan: Miwas – Out and About Cardigan

Pants:   Blueberry – Power Play Jeans

Bag: Reign  – My Heart Bag

Drink & accessories: Hive – out and about . all items


Coat rack: Dust Bunny: primrose hall tree

Plant 1: Dust Bunny: plant stands . medium

Plant 2: Dust Bunny: plant stands . small

Cabinet: Dust Bunny: hygge vibes . cabinet . white

Chair: Dust Bunny: . flora office . chair

Desk: Dust Bunny: flora office . desk . style a

Lamp: Dust Bunny: flora office . desk lamp

Pencil Holder: Dust Bunny: flora office . pencil holder

Computer: Dust Bunny: flora office . computer . pink

Clipboard: Dust Bunny: flora office . clipboard vase

Drink: Hive – out and about . decor lrg

Suitcase: Dust Bunny: bon voyage . suitcase . pink

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