Head:  Genus – Genus Head – Baby Face

Body:  The Shops – Legacy

Eyes: Avi-Glam @ Access – Ecstasy Eyes

Skin:  Pepe – Genus / Penny V2 / Cake FR BR

Hair:  Stealthic – Penance

Tattoo:  Dappa – Luna

Bikini Top: Osmia – Opal.Bikini Bra [Rose]

Tank Top: Evie – Summer Time – Dry Top – White

Shorts: Rouly – Gaby Shorts – Beige

Necklace: Kibitz – Felicity

Rings: Kibitz – Anna

Bag: Hive @ Kustom9  – Beach Bum


Chair: Dust Bunny: beach day . lounge chair

Umbrella: Dust Bunny:  beach day . closed parasol

Van: Dust Bunny: waterfront camper . blue

Pathway: Dust Bunny: white petal steps . mossy . curved right

Bag: Dust Bunny: beach day . towel tote

Blender: Dust Bunny: smoothie time . blender

Tray: Dust Bunny: smoothie time . prep area

Clothesline: Dust Bunny: drying beachware

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